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Partner with our local SEO agency and leverage our proven local SEO strategies and tactics to rise above your competition. Why Local SEO Is Vital for Your Business. Create a Lasting Impression Across Search Engines and Your Prospects. In todays competitive digital landscape, investing in the best local SEO services could mean the difference between a thriving business and a failing establishment. Where do local digital marketing and local SEO services fall in your campaign priorities? A MarketingSherpa study determined which type of search had the biggest impact on brands marketing objectives and found that almost 54 percent of respondents consider local search to have the most positive impact on their digital marketing efforts. Evidently, digital dominance has made it vital for businesses of all sizes to concentrate their efforts on local SEO optimization. Local SEO for small business and multi-location firms is a critical strategy for acquiring qualified leads and converting them into sales.
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What is Local SEO? Local search engine optimization SEO is SEO that focuses on improving the ranking of a business in local search results. Half of all Google searches are for local information, so it is essential that your business is optimized for local search.
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Today, Google has become synonymous with search. When looking for a business in your location a place to grab a bite, spend the night or get a haircut your potential customers will turn first to the search engine. Your goal: to make sure YOUR business is the one that shows up first! For that to happen, you need Local Search Engine Optimization, or as we call it in the industry, Local SEO.
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However, there are several local SEO tips that go further, like having a Google My Business GMB page. Check out our advanced SEO checklist or our advanced on-page SEO guide for more best practices! Optimize your homepage. You most likely wont optimize your home page for local keywords. Instead, focus on the keywords that apply to your entire customer base. Optimize your home page for the highest-opportunity keywords you found that serve your market at the broadest level. Then, optimize your meta data, H1, and on-page content for those home page keywords. If your business is highly dependent on showcasing your individual locations early on its home page such as a hotel versus a financial services company like Schwab that has a home page focused on its services and products then you might consider adding a tool to your home page that allows users to search by location.
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50 Local SEO Stats Every Marketer Should Know - 2020. In todays competitive market, the success of your local business relies heavily on the success of your local SEO strategy. Knowing the trends and data surrounding local search can help you to make better-informed decisions regarding your local search optimization strategy.
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Conclusion: Your Opportunity Is Local. With local search continuing to grow and younger generations millennials showing a higher conversion rate with local search, localized search optimization has to be a priority for digital marketers. Though its been much quieter than the mobile revolution, local search has exploded in the seven years since Google launched it.
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This is where SEO comes into your marketing strategy. Without a strategy for search engine optimization SEO, your business could be and is missing out on a slew of prospects who are local to you, but unaware that you exist. But how do you make your website search engine friendly for both local searches and general organic searches?
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On-page optimization works for not only traditional SEO but also local SEO. The best way to tackle on-site optimization is through content and website design. Adding relevant localized content such as articles on local community events, guides to your business and services, store and service updates, and other promotions can help move your site towards local rankings.
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Therefore, implementing local SEO will help your business figure most of the time in the search results against the relevant search terms. The tremendous surge in local searches increased by almost 900 compelled Google to provide more geographically related results based on relevance, proximity, and prominence.

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